Venues & rent

В Научном парке МГУ инновационным компаниям предлагаются для размещения лабораторные и административные помещения.

MSU Science Park lends labs and back-office spaces to innovation businesses on either long or short-term basis. You can see what our office space looks like in the pictures below.

We lend comfortable and equipped meeting rooms and also a conference hall for bigger events for up to 120 people, such as workshops, conferences and board meetings. MSU Science Park is situated in a picturesque area close to MSU Botanical Gardens on Sparrow Hills.

Eight two-storey buildings 500 m2 each and a four-storey building of 7500m2 amount up to 11500m2 of Science Park area. We also offer two separate parking areas totaling up to 90 parking places along with small parking lots next to each building.

Information Technology Center facilities correspond to all international standards, equipped with:

  • forced ventilation,
  • intelligent heating and cooling systems
  • electronic access control system
  • automatic fire protection system
  • security surveillance video system
  •  infrared protection systems in surrounding area

Information Technology Center, housing a conference hall is powered by two independent electric substations. We have also installed an emergency diesel power supply to reduce risks of power outages. 

Numerous fiber-optic lines provide connection to Moscow traffic exchange points M9 and M10. Worldwide telephone services provided by MGTS, but you still can connect to any other operator.

Along with Science Park facilities you may want to use extensive University facilities and resources such as labs or research equipment centers available upon a contract with Moscow State University.