Companies operating in the Park

Agency for networking, information and communication technologies („NETINFOKOM“ LLC) Development and support of pilot Internet projects and Web services on behalf of: Lomonosov Moscow State University; MSU News, search MSU sites, interactive map of MSU grounds, Wiki-encyclopedia of MSU; Mathematical Forum of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of MSU, a framework for the support and development of a technology for converting mathematical formulas from TeX-а to MathML; Information portal for the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of MSU. Developing the infrastructure and information support needed for projects that provide an interdisciplinary exchange of science information and the potential for collective work on the base of network services and technologies. Pilot projects concerning the aggregation of structured data flows and the presentation of these data to users, including work on the use of widget technology.
„Obyedinyonnye Rossiyskiye Vodnye Technologii“ LLC (ORWT) Technology development and equipment production for the biological elimination of complex, industrial, and oily wastewater.
„Biotech-Industriya“ LLC A manufacturer of reagents for molecular biology and diagnostics and of synthetic oligonucleotides and probes for the polymerase chain reaction. Specialist in solving unstandardized tasks where the use of chemical methods in association with molecular biology and diagnostics is required.
MNTA Sibirskiy lazerny Centr "SLC" Development, manufacture and sale of laser stations for medicine, ecology, industry etc.
"Open economy" fund The purpose of the project is to popularize the scientific view of the problems concerning the development of the economy and society.
MSU ecological center A project run by the MSU Faculty of Biology.
Ecoterra Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization (ANO "Ecoterra") Evaluation of the ecological state of natural environments; the development of measures aimed at optimizing the management of nature; and staff training.
Advance Technology Development of websites and high traffic Internet portals of any complexity.
Atoll CJSC Development, manufacture and sales of cabling and wiring products.
Laboratornaya Diagnostika CJSC Provision of diagnostic centers, medical and research laboratories supplied with equipment, expendable materials, chemical reagents and diagnostic test systems.
Sinergos Group CJSC Design and installation of local area networks (LANs), structured cabling systems, technical installation and support for conferences, supply of computing techniques, audio alert devices for emergency warning systems .
Unison 2000 CJSC Investment for high-tech projects. Custom-made research.
Unichimtech-Composit CSJC Development and manufacture of new chemical materials for equipment pressurization and fire-protection.
Optolex LLC Development and manufacture of optoelectronic devices and systems. Point and distributed fiber optic sensors for process supervision.
Vita Elektronix LLC Development of electronic board technology.
Garant-Internet LLC Website design, software development, consulting.
Garant-Park-Internet LLC Creation of dynamic Web systems, electronic commerce systems, search systems.
Garant-Park-Telekom LLC Internet Service Provider.
IIAT LLC Design and installation of structured cabling systems, telecommunications research and development, Internet Service Provider.
Intec INT LLC Investment for high-tech projects.
Centr Neyrosetevykh Tekhnologiy – Intellektualnye Sistemy Besopasnosti LLC Development of unique compression technologies, transfer and archive of visual information, image recognition and biometry.
Toplivnye Elementy LLC Development of cheap, low-temperature alkaline elements running on technical hydrogen and air oxygen. The company has developed a unique technology for producing nickel-cobalt catalyzers which has the potential to cut the cost of fuel elements by 5, due to their refusal to use platinum group metals.
Park-Media LLC Information, communication services, Website design.
Park-Media-Consulting LLC Legal support for information technology businesses, intellectual property protection.
RICO-Consulting LLC Selection and financing of research projects.
Teaching and Experienced Soil Ecology Center of Moscow State University Science, education. A Faculty of Biology and Faculty of Soil Science project.
CSJC Information and Marketing Telecommunication Center of MSU "IMT" Telecommunications projects, Internet Services Provider.
MolTech LLC Development of software for modelling the interaction of proteins (therapeutic target) with chemical mixtures (potential drugs) used in the pharmaceutical industry for the development of new drugs as well as in the search for new indications of existing drugs.
MedEcoTest LLC Manufacture of express test systems for analysis of water, food, medicine, agriculture and ecology.
Deco-Geofizika LLC Project management in the field of collection, processing and interpretation of geophysical data.
Deco-Project LLC Projects concerned with sea and ground based engineering geophysics.
Council of Young Scientists Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization Coordination of activities for young MSU scientists.
DISoft LLC Development of software for instrumentation systems.
FotoGorodMod LLC Development of technological software for computer vision.
Probiotech Research and Development Center Development and penetration of new medicines.
Movikom LLC Development and marketing in Russian and international markets of products in the field of robotic technology, mechatronics and control systems.
Medozon Plus LLC Knowledge-intensive developments of equipment ant technologies concerned with the use of ozone.
Sinus Teta LLC An extensive range of services in the area of x-ray diffraction: equipment, software, databases.
Naukoyomkiye Technologii LLC Delivery of outsourcing and consulting services in the area of intellectual property.
Russkiy Technologicheskiy Klub LLC Development and manufacture of Infrared Optical Devices (growth of KRS-5 and KRS-6 crystals); protection of information stored on RFID chips.
MGU-Standart LLC Preparation and development of certified multimedia courses and online lectures for educational institutions.
GA Studio LLC Development and support of websites, search system optimization, Internet advertising campaigns.
Rusens LLC Development of new biosensors and analytical systems for the purposes of ecology, clinical recognition and quality control of agricultural raw materials and food.
SMS-Centr LLC Developments and services in the area of mobile and web technologies.
Barabashev i partnery LLC Services for the registration of computer programs, execution of patents, trademarks etc. The company represents interests at Court concerning the protection of rights and carries out debt recovery, contract design, tax and corporate optimization.
Ekva-N LLC Provision of complex services in the area of information web technologies.
Psifaktor+ LLC Research into experimental psychology and psychophysiology. Consulting services relating to the psychology of management. Also biocontrol and instrumental lie detection.
Opticheskiye Izmeritelnye Sistemy LLC Commercialization of opto-electronics results and scientific research. Development and manufacture of distributed fiber optic sensors and systems.
Genoanalitica CJSC Service provision for genomic studies as part of scientific and applicative projects, among them genome-wide sequence analysis, study of gene expression, genotyping, and cytogenetic analysis. Studies for private individuals are conducted in two fields: “My Gene is Health” study, which offers the opportunity to assess possible personal genetic risks, underlying risk for illnesses and drug response; and “My Gene is Etno” study directed at the recognition of individual genetic characteristics relating to origin and ethnic affiliation.
UniverLab LLC ООО “UniverLab” specializes in the development of professional solutions for the automation of clinico-diagnostic laboratories. The company has a great deal of experience in the design, development and penetration of laboratory information systems. It also has experience in optimizing Laboratory business processes and carries out the following activities:
  • Develops custom-made Laboratory information systems (LIS).
  • Sells the UniverLab finished product (LIC).
  • Consults developers and consumers on questions relating to the technologies for developing information systems.
  • Performs the expert evaluation of installed information systems and gives recommendations concerning their modification and upgrade.
  • Consults consumers on questions relating to the optimization of the Laboratory’s business processes.